About . I Learned to Love


Loving is a beautiful thing and this is true to all living organisms. The truth is that love may break us or it may form and transform us into a new being.

It is important that we understand how love gives meaning to our lives and why it is such an inevitable part of an individual and a corporate body.

In the pages of this site, the different kinds of love are defined which may give us a hint to where we are engrossed with or where we are lacking.

This is not a dating site but it is a site to open a discussion about the wonderful topic that engulfs us, submerge us, empowers us to a meaningful and abundant life. If by any means acquaintances of someone will be developed and as a result, it will end to a married life that would be outside the purpose of this site.

Be free to impart your opinions, observations and your experiences so we can help guide our readers build a decision and action. A guest page is created which will serve as a space for everyone who is willing to share a valuable contribution.