I Fall in Love with the Piano . I Learned to Love

I Fall in Love with the Piano

Indigenous Sounds

Since my childhood I really love music. I heard this first in the midst of the jungle through the sweet chirping of birds and the simultaneous rivaling sounds of insects and cicadas day and night. It’s such a lovely opportunity of communing with nature and all the species thriving and living within a harmonic relationship.

As an indigenous tribe, we also have our distinct instruments basically played by women when they go to the farm. We call this “piwpiw” made of a bamboo tube with a cleave and a split and a little whole just rightly fit for the thumb holding it. It is played by spanking on the palm. Women take with them and while along their way to the farm and back home play to relax.

I Fall in Love with the Piano-piwpiw


For men, they have the “dulili” but not like the piwpiw that is played along the way. This can be played both by women and men by blowing air from the nostrils to produce a sound that is controlled by the fingers.

I Fall in Love with the Piano-dulili
Dulili or flute

Cultural Exposure

As the community continues to develop, it was exposed to the lowlander merchants it was an opportunity to experience a more convenient procurement of domestic needs. Salt, sugar, cooking oil, bread, and items of clothing were brought up carried by strangers. These goods were bought and mostly bartered with commodities such as beans, coffee beans and other products that they can bring down to the market for sale.

I Fall in Love with the Piano-transistor radioI Fall in Love with the Piano-phonographNot only confined to kitchen needs but merchants had seen the need of rural people of information and communication. They brought with them transistor radios, phonographs and played them freely to fill the air with music.

In fact, in the early 70s, only our teachers in the elementary grades have the radio to which we used during the dance rehearsals for Christmas and Closing Exercises.

Gradually, people learned to love local dramas aired on the radio, music played through the phonographs and the importance of having access to the information on what was happening in distant places, and weather forecasts had convinced families to have their own which they love to carry  with them to their farms and back to their homes.

Guitar for Fellowships

Early in the elementary grade, I was able to learn basic guitar chords and I loved it. I remember there were rare occasions in rural communities to gather and sing together. No birthday celebrations, not even Sundays during worship I seldom saw a guitar was played not because it’s a taboo but we were still learning the chords and rhythms and we didn’t have the confidence to engage in accompanying a song or a hymn.

On the other hand, as teenagers, we gather in the evening learn playing the guitar and sing together basically for relaxation and fellowship. Most of us were singing out of tune.  I can say nobody among us in our contemporary was gifted with good vocals.

I Fall in Love with the Piano-guitar

After ten years and more exposure for us to other communities, our youth were able to learn to play the guitar with the bandurria. Singing out of tune but they can render a musical piece that everyone can enjoy listening to. This time I still have an interest in playing the guitar but I need a guitar chord chart. Because I love music I sing always and continue to develop my voice. Age is not a hindrance if you are interested and you enjoy doing it.


I Fall in Love with the Piano

I Fall in Love with the Piano-grand piano
Grand Piano

From my birthplace which was beyond transportation accessibility, we moved to a different region. As usual, we love to be with nature so we settled in the mountain area where my parents love to do farming. I was able to have the opportunity to continue my High School education in a  State College in the town which is a more developed community. Music is everywhere, you can hear it from the neighbors with their advanced paraphernalia, radio, TV, Karaoke, and Videoke.

I learned to love going to church on Sundays and there where I first saw and hear the piano played by the musician. I was so impressed and it laid a challenge to me personally.

The time came when I have to decide what course, what vocation will I be taking in my college education. Definitely, I was not thinking of taking Sacred Music, it was far from my choices. There was a college that offered AB-CE, meaning Bachelor of Arts with Christian Education. The tuition fee is minimal and so I went and enrolled that three-year course program.

One of our teachers was a pianist and was offering a free two hours tutorial every week. I enrolled with my hope that I will soon become a pianist one day. To my disappointment, I was not able to finish the training, until this time, I cannot remember the reason why I was not able to complete the training. I graduated in that institution with my frustration in the piano lesson.

After a decade I decided to continue my studies in the Seminary taking Master of Divinity (MDIV). Again one of the instructors was a lady pianist offering a free tutorial. For the second time, I enrolled telling myself I will finish it to the recital. However, I graduated in that Seminary without the piano recital.

It was really my frustration because I really love music, I want to sing, I want to play the piano but the piano doesn’t love me. This time I can say that I’m a frustrated musician. But it doesn’t negate my appreciation and interest in music as well as my love for the piano. It fascinates me more than any other instrument.  If only I can bring back the past I will give an opportunity for mastery of this special vocation.

I Fall in Love with the Piano-pianoAre You Interested to Learn the Piano?

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  1. Piano happens to be one instrument I’ve always wanted to learn but I never got the time and chance to I’ve had opportunity in time past but I didn’t take it serious but right now I’m readyto take piano tutorial now because i have great passion for it and coming across this article isn’t an accident. I’m definitely going to give this a try with advantage of the CDs and online student support site.  Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Jeremiah for leaving a comment. If piano is your passion I’m sure the offered tutorial can help you. It is such worth investing to develop your skill and you can help people put meaning into their lives through music.

  2. It’s interesting to note that your indigenous tribe has instruments that are typically played by either women or men. Is that still the case today or has that seen any change?

    I grew up around piano music and it was always a favorite. I was fortunate to hear my parents play together in the house at night after they had put the kids to bed for the evening. It’s such a beautiful instrument and I am happy that I was exposed to lessons so that I can still enjoy it today.

    • Hi, Aly. Yes, the instruments are still around but I see changes as generation changes too. It has something to do with the interest and having the value of the cultural heritage.

      I’m glad your family is a music lover and they can actually the piano. I’m wondering why you can’t play it, do you?

      I would request you teach your children since the instrument is available, it’s such an opportunity.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Have blessed day onwards.

  3. Thank you for posting this on your site. Like you, I have had lessons for piano when I was young but I never really completed it for one reason or the other. When I was in school and there was music school, I wanted to enroll but them my family moved away. It was really frustrating too because I really wanted to learn music and the only thing I could do was play a flute. I just got myself a small piano to kick off my training now and I think this course learn and master piano will be perfect for my process. Thanks again and best regards.

  4. Excellent article you have up here and I must say it was such a captivating read for me.  Just like you, I’m a frustrated pianist too. I fell in love with the melody that bask out of the piano the first time I heard it being played in my church and ever since, I have been an ardent lover but I just couldn’t master the act of playing it. Luckily for me, I came across this post and I am sure I will get enrolled on this Learn & Master Piano. Thanks

    • It makes me feel happy, RoDarrick, that many individuals are interested and love the piano. There are different factors that come along their way denying success. However, like you, still young and are passionate about music and the piano can still take the opportunity to train.

      Maybe a time or opportunity and determination can go together in framing a successful training and preparation for that matter. I got no enough opportunity and I lack the persuasion because of other engagements.

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Pursue learning and mastering how to play the piano.

  5. Hi there!

    That’s a nice read, thanks very much.

    I have a somewhat similar experience to an extent. My love for instruments is for the guitar. However, even after acquiring a semi acoustic for myself, I still cannot confidently play alon many varieties of songs. This is usually very frustrating. 

    What I’ve lately done is to try see if I’m better of playing the bass. So I acquired one. I do self tutorials when I can but once I get hold of a good tutor I know I can do it. Probably you could try a different instrument too rather than getting frustrated. Or try writing worship songs- you never know. Maybe all this experience you have had, and the Masters accompanying it you’ll be able to write what others will strive to learn to play on the same piano you say hated you. Give this a try. God will back it up.


    Boniface from AndroidBix 

    • Hi Boniface, I can still the guitar but I have to give more time in rehearsing. My fingers are already sensitive and are not convenient with the strings.

      With regards to writing, yes, maybe I can write but it needs to be theological sound lest it will not be approved by the body when presented. 

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you are enjoying your participation in the ministry through songs and hymns.

  6. I enjoyed this article and am intrigued by your piano mastery offer. So sorry you haven’t thus far mastered the art of piano, but hopefully, you will after taking this course.

    • Thank you, Linda, for your visit to my website. I appreciate your encouragement for me to continue on the piano mastery. Maybe this is my offer to younger generations who are interested. It is my desire that they would pursue it to develop their talent to give the music of hope to a dying world.

  7. Very interesting to read of your early music experiences when you were growing up. I’ve always been very much inspired by the sounds of nature too. I do hope you are enjoying learning the piano now – it’s never too late! I’ve taught many adults to play the piano as well as children. 😊

    “Don’t die with your music still inside you”
    – Wayne Dyer

    Warmest wishes


    • Thank you for your inspiring words. I really love music and piano but it’s not a gift for me. I’m happy I can sing, I can widow the piano, however, there is more in my soul that I crave for.

      I wish you more success in teaching the piano. I’t such an awesome instrument.


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