I Learned How to Love from You-Review

Title of the Song: I Learned How to Love From You
Song Writers: Steve Nathan/Tim Mensy
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Genre: Country
Singer: Trace Adkins
YouTube: https://youtu.be/45x8zGlx9lo

The Lyrics:

I cannot be bitter
Even when the tears fall
Tho I had to let you go
My heart knows
I learned how to love from you.
You found somethin’ hiding
I did not know was missin’
An un-lit fire down in my soul
Now my heart knows
I learned how to love from you.
You love like there never was a risk
Shared your heart with every tender kiss
Now I know how much I have to give
Cause I learned how to love from you.
If I start to fall again
I’ll close my eyes and not resist
Without fear, I’ll just let go
Cause my heart knows
That I learned how to trust
In the power of a touch
I learned how to love from you.


The line “I learned how to love from you” which is the title has been four times used in the whole rendition of the song. If gives the emphasis of the writers on the experience, the feelings, and emotions telling how the facts came to be. 

The Genre is “Country Music” and I love it. It’s a guitar accompanied song in which you can clearly hear and understand the lyrics.

Although the tune is a piece of music to the ear it cannot hide the fact that it’s an expression of a relationship of love that ended. The good thing about it is that one of the partners has learned to love from the other partner. This has unconcealed the truth that we don’t know all about ourselves and we can discover this from our fellow human beings.

Watch this rendition and enjoy it.


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