I Learned to Love My Enemies . I Learned to Love

I Learned to Love My Enemies

Enemy, is a term to mean one who hates, an opponent, an adversary. It is a word that pictures two entities opposing each other.

When a war or a battle is waged, we come to think of two factors involved:  the place of encounter and the persons in opposition.  In military expeditions they call the place the battlefield, in other terms called mission-fields and the opponent as the target of the mission is called the enemy.

But we are not confining strictly to the terms of war where the guns, grenades, bombs, and nuclear weapons are used. These are just the symptoms of a problem from the individuals who use them inadvertently and advertently.

My first Enemy

When we were born the persons that were with us to train us and show the right thinking and right actions to follow were our parents. They discipline us so we can learn to limit ourselves to the things that are only for us.

There were times I did not understand them when they scold at me, to the point that I’m sullen. I remember there were times I did not eat meals because I feel they were harsh with no reason.

My second Enemy

We were ten siblings, five girls, and five boys and I am the eldest. As the oldest of the brothers and sisters, I have my inherent authority. There were times when I’m not pleased with what they will do or say I can easily do what I like to let them submit themselves to me. Although not at all times I’m right in my thinking and decisions.

My third Enemy

As I grow from my childhood to adolescence and adulthood, I, as a person and my involvement expand to the community and I found the neighborhood children as playmates. In school, I have had new friends from other communities. We have differing traits although we all belonged to the indigenous culture.

I remember during my second grade I cried because I was spanked by my older classmate. I did not like that happening and I hate that circumstance.

As I mature and my perceptions about things broaden I do have opposing opinions from others.

My last Enemy

I’m now a grown man and I married and live with her as a couple. I’m not saying that my wife is my last enemy but I have come to a realization that I, myself is not exempted from erring. I have my weaknesses and I had times of regrets in my life. These are either sins of omission or sins of commission.

Love Your Enemies

Imagine, I have so many enemies in my life and if they come simultaneously and surround me with their bows and arrows I could not escape from being vanquished. Where could I turn and ask for help?

There’s a resounding word from a great teacher which is a non-traditional one. It says, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44)

It is difficult to love your enemy but the truth of the fact is that it is doable. You just start with yourself and if you have won over yourself I’m very sure you can win over others too.

Let’s start to mend the broken world by loving ourselves and our enemy and we can easily love others too because we have experienced it directly and we know how it feels to be loved, to be forgiven, to be accepted and to be freed from the bondage that enslaves us.

For your additional reflection watch this video.  It’s a production from a Roman Catholic Church.

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10 thoughts on “I Learned to Love My Enemies”

  1. Key take away here is that we should learn to mend the broken world by turning those we see our enemies into those we love. I have to say that that is very good. Something that even i need to try myself looking at how you have explained all the enemies right from childhood. I believe that even i will live a better life by loving my enemies. Nice post you wrote here.

    • Thanks, Henderson. Loving our enemies is doable, it’s not impossible. I believe you can learn and do it, we can do it. Start with your brothers and sisters, your wife, your friends, and others.

  2. You have an interesting point of view on what an enemy can be. 

    I thought I didn’t have any enemy my entire life. The closest was a girl who said an awful thing about my deceased mom when I was 15. I decided to ignore her from that day but never fight or try to harm. 

    But maybe I do have enemies inside myself? Some of my habits, the ways of thinking that hold me back from doing better?

    Need to think about it.

    • Thank you, Mary. You’ve exactly got my point. There are people who are their enemies themselves, many have gone to suicide even people around them tried to understand who they are but they can’t forgive themselves.

      If we have done something wrong and we cannot forgive ourselves, we are our worst enemy.

  3. I know the bible says to love our enemies but it is really easier said than done. It is so much easier to love a friend than to love an enemy. Even if that enemy was a family member it can be really difficult to love them. Of course it is better to love than to hate but sometimes that might not be the case because I might have so much hatred for someone that it would just be easier to despise them than to actually love them.

    • I appreciate your honesty, Jay. We cannot be hypocrites if we don’t feel good against others. In this situation, sometimes time can heal but not at all times. I do have hated people but after some years I learned to forget and love them. I can talk to them, mingle with them with no ill intentions. So we can do it, Jay, it’s learning to do it, removing the negative thoughts in us, think of the positive things and it helps heal a broken relationship.

  4. Aww, this is just awesome because there really is no way that one can come to this world and not have an enemy. I do noy think that there is not a recorded person without an enemy but what really matters is how we are able to relate to our enemies, how we are able to make them what we ant, as you have said, the world already has too much hate so why do we even need to add to that. I am going to remember all these tips. Thank you.

    • Thanks, John of your acceptance of the fact that enemies are not confined to raging wars but as long as there is hatred, there are contradictions, there are opposite stands on something, there are enemies. Believe it or not, there are persons who keppe silent but boiling inside them.

      You are right the way we see things in the proper perspectives can help us relate healthily with our fellow human beings. We have to train ourselves to be people who learn to love the unlovable.

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your journey and experience. Most of the time we approach situations with our close family and friends in a way that seems they’re against us or we’re against them. But viewing things through the perspective you presented, it’s hard to call them enemies. Your approach has been helpful not only for you, but for us also that are reading.

    • Hi, Henry. To a family that has no problems can’t find their enemies at home. They’re all friends.  However, there are families with broken relationships who go to barangay courts, some are suiciding, some are leaving their homes. Enemies can be found anywhere and everywhere unless we change our minds on how we see things.

      Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.


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