I Learned to Love Rainbows . I Learned to Love

I Learned to Love Rainbows

I love rainbows and I always love it. It has seven colors. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This color arrangement is from the outside to the inner part.

I Learned to Love Rainbows-A Covenant

Rainbow is a combination of two significant things, a shower of rain, and sunlight. This can happen at any time in the morning, noontime or before sunset.

Rainbow will not appear without the presence of the two, the rain and sunlight.

I learned to love rainbows-rains I learned to love rainbows-sunlight

Although this rainbow is a lovely thing to the eye, behind this lovely scene is an unlovely side that some people do not want. Why?

Farmers during harvest time only want sunlight and they do not want rain because rain is contributory to the unwanted quality of products being wet during the drying period.

Rice, corn, laundry needed to be dried for safekeeping need not be drenched or immersed with rain.

Motorcycle riders without raincoats, people without umbrellas do not need unexpected rain.

All people who have something to be dried on that day usually do not want the rain to come. Their prayer is the resounding poetic rhyme of children which says: Rain, rain go away come again another day.

On the Other Side

The other side of the thing is, rainbow sends us the message of a favorable condition. Life continues because rain is there quenching the thirsty land and all that lives in it.

A rainbow over the mountains or in the valleys means that rain is present there.  If a rainbow appears the vegetation celebrate because they need it for survival and to cover the earth with beauty and provide enough oxygen for other living things including us humans.

The Rainbow is a Sign of a Promise

In the Bible, you can read a story when Yahweh, the God recognized by the people punished the whole earth with flooding.  You can find it here, Genesis 9:13-16

According to the story, Noah’s family was the only group spared from annihilation. The flood was caused by a heavy downpour of rain which lasted for forty days and forty nights.

The flood covered the whole earth for a hundred and fifty days which is equal to five months. This means there is no possibility of survival for any living thing over the earth except those who were on board the Ark of Noah.

After the flood, Yahweh, the God promised to Noah that never again will all living beings be destroyed by a flood; never again will a flood destroy the earth.  Read the details here.

Ending Note

Have you enjoyed reading about the rainbow? I hope so.

The rainbow is not all about color and beauty. It is about life. It conveys something beyond our eyes can see. People really love it to see whenever it appears anywhere around the globe.

I love the rainbow because it reminds me that there is a Supreme Being who loves me and promises security beyond my control. It is a covenant that God fulfills in every generation.

Yahweh, the God of old, the God of the present and the God of the future says:

“As a sign of this everlasting covenant which I am making with you and with all living beings, I am putting my bow in the clouds. It will be the sign of my covenant with the world. Whenever I cover the sky with clouds and the rainbow appears, I will remember my promise to you and to all the animals that a flood will never again destroy all living beings. When the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between me and all living beings on earth. That is the sign of the promise which I am making to all living beings.”

Thank you for the rainbow, thank you to a God whose concern is for an orderly life of his children.


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23 thoughts on “I Learned to Love Rainbows”

  1. Hi there! Lovely post, exploring both the scientific explanation for rainbows as well as a spiritual approach. I always consider myself lucky whenever I see one because they require that combination of sunlight and rain, which is so rare. It really is a representation of nature’s celebration of life 🙂


    • Thanks Janani. I realized those two things now that I am old. All what saw when I was young was the beauty and nothing else.

      I’m happy you are aware of it and I know you have a deep sense of life’s meaning through this beautiful creature when it appears to you. Let’s pass the good news to our children.

  2. Hi Jimmy, I also love rainbows and you certainly are correct in saying that the Rainbow is the promise after the storm.

    In my family especially my mother was a very high spirited person and she was also given the rainbow as a sign to her that everything would be OK. All her children have that very much ingrained in our way of life.

    There have been many instances throughout my life that there were many tribulations, then there came the rainbow and I knew without a dought that the tribulation had taken its tow and everything would be all right.

    Thank you very much for this post and bring back many fond memories

    • For both scientific and spiritual views rainbow are both positive realities in life. It is only in a secluded instance that the rain as one of the aspects that form the rainbow is unwanted but not through to all times.

      We love rainbows and that only means we are people living with many challenges in life but are bound and promised a better situation if we only believe and seek for it.

  3. Your interesting write up reminds me of a code we were given in elementary school to remember the rainbow colors ; ROYGBIV. We use to rush out to watch the rainbow when we were kids.

    This article raises a curiosity in me; it seems to be that rainbow use to appear more often than now. If you agree with my observation, could this mean that God has reduced his reminder to man that He will not destroy the world with flood again? 

    I really enjoyed your article. 

    • Hi, Richard, good you’ve enjoyed discussing rainbow during your elementary education. I can’t remember we did that. Yes, there were discussions between the community and it’s not of the facts but the myth, and that was, there is gold at the end of the rainbow.

      If the rainbow scarcely appears now it may remind us of our own doing as humans in the negative environmental effect. It scarcely rains because of drought and we attribute that to human intervention resulting in climate change. The reminder changes its meaning but God’s faithfulness is not reduced. We believe that what God has declared including his promises will never fade.

  4. Your interesting write up reminds me of a code we were given in elementary school to remember the rainbow colors ; ROYGBIV. We use to rush out to watch the rainbow when we were kids.

    This article raises a curiosity in me; it seems to be that rainbow use to appear more often than now. If you agree with my observation, could this mean that God has reduced his reminder to man that He will not destroy the world with flood again? 

    I really enjoyed your article. 

  5. Watching a rainbow always gives me a positive feeling. I don’t know if it is the colors, the design or something else but even when it is raining and I am in bad mood the sight of a rainbow will always change my feelings for the better. I remember when I was small in fairy tails it was saying that at the end of the rainbow there is a stash full of gold coins! Thank you for the lovely article, you certainly lifted my spirit.

    • Thank you, Stratos, for your affirming words. That only means you subscribe to the idea presented. Yes, that myth I heard too-gold at the end of the rainbow. And there’s one more, they say that when you see the end of a rainbow on the river it’s sucking the crabs so there are those that are soft-exoskeleton crabs. Only to know that those were the ones that have newly changed their coverings.

      Yes, the rainbow is artistically designed that can gives meaning to life when they appear.

  6. Awesome. Since i was born, to the extent of growing up to this stage, I’ve known or seen anywhere the Rainbow has any other meaning aside from if it beautiful looks in the sky. I have neve thought of it that rainbow is a promise after the storm or talkless knowing of rainbow over the mountain or valley is a promise that rain is here . 

    Overall in this review has shown rainbow is just a sign of love.

    Thank you Jimmy for this wonderful, loving write up. I’m glad you’ve made me know all these

    • Thank you, Kehinde, if this post deepened your understanding of the rainbow. It is true that God has used these inevitable things, rain and sunshine causing a rainbow, in life to let his people understand that his presence and love to his people are inevitable too.

      Let’s share this good news.

  7. hank you very much for this post, it always a great feeling to me when I see the rainbow, it make me remember the promises of God for my life and it gives me assurance of better things to come. It make my appreciate the power of color and how blessed we are to have rain and sun. 

    • Thank you, Clement, for your comment. It asserts your belief in what I believe that this a sign of God’s promise and a result of facts, the presence of rain and sunshine that both make life complete.

  8. Thank you for the post, I really enjoyed it.

    We have summer rainfall where I live and after a burst of rain my wife won’t stop looking until she finds the rainbow. To her it is also one of the most beautiful promises she can actually see.

    My wife is convinced that once she spots a rainbow that everything will be just fine. No need to worry anymore.

    This is a good reminder to us of God’s grace. Not many see it like this.

    I am happy to see others also looking at the rainbow differently than just a rainbow.


    • Yes, John, that rainbow appears to us with different meanings either a myth or a fact. The fact here is that we are being blessed with a shower of rains and bright of the sunshine. The myths are the stories like there’s a pot of gold at the end, and soft-exoskeleton crabs were sucked by the rainbow. The truth is that the rainbow is eternal as the sun and rain, and these are co-eternal with God. Meaning, God’s promise will never fail.

  9. I may not know your own believe and traditions but the meaning and the significance of rainbow might vary in some traditions. To me if I may say,  I can’t even remember the very last time I saw rainbow last. But over here in my country the significance of rainbow isn’t too known to many but when I was a child we usually rejoice and shout whenever rainbow appeared.

    • Good to hear that the rainbow gives you ecstasy.  That only means that you enjoy its magnificence. Thank you for coming by and reading this post.  Whatever you have read here is the scientific and spiritual meaning which means they are facts and truths about the rainbow.

      I hope you will come again and have a reading of the upcoming posts about I Learned to Love.

  10. This is a great explanation about rainbows which is always a lovely natural scene for all of us. I know it reminds me of my best childhood memories which is really awesome when we saw this rainbow. Locally we called it rongdonu. Since it is rare to see, we imagined it was a good luck sign. Thanks for the remarkable post about the rainbow.

    • Thanks for your childhood memories, mzakapon.

      In fact, it is more than good luck. It’s an intentional creation of God that speaks of the presence of rain and sunshine which are an inevitable part of the existence of the living organism including human. Without rain and sunshine, no living organisms can exist.

      We call it in our dialect as “bullalayaw”, which is pronounced as it is spelled.

  11. I love rainbows as well not just because of its colours which is absolutely beautiful or because it comes with a promise from God, but because each time I see a rainbow it means alot to me and gives me hope on what ever situation I’m going through and I just believe help is on it’s on its way. I don’t know about others people feelings about the rainbow but mine is special.

    • Good to hear your special feeling, Seun, on rainbows. Everyone has his/her attachment to such a wonderful thing and rainbow is just one of them, a sign of hope.

      What the rainbow means to you is a wonderful thing that gives and enhances the meaning of life. That’s inspiring.

  12. It is very nice to see the Importance of the rainbow and all natural  beauty I would not have thought that is a reminder of kept and fulfillied Lord God our God .He is the promised keeper the  The God of all Generations  the beuty of the rainbow stands to today after  hundreds of thousands years and it’s purpose remain and stand to this day.

    • The truth of the fact, Charles, is that the rainbow will never be gone for as long as there is sunlight and there is rain.  This means that God’s promise will never fade. The rainbow will always remind us of God’s faithfulness.

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