Love is All Around-I Learned to Love . I Learned to Love

Love is All Around-I Learned to Love

Love is an inevitable ingredient of life and whether we like it or not everyone experienced being loved.

Love is All Around-Image of Love
Image of love

Your First Love

Everyone belongs to a family and everyone is born into a family.  This is the first environment that we were reared upon and continues to be a part of our life.  A family is for a lifetime relationship.

When we are weaned from the family we were born into we are engrafted into another family called ‘extended family’.

Being born into a family is to receive all the benefits of physical, psychological, political and social growths and developments.

By physical, you will be fed and nourished by all the blessings the household owns and enjoys.


Love is all around-Healthy Food Fruit Vegetables
Healthy Food Fruit Vegetables
Love is All Around-Chicken Adobo
Chicken Adobo


By psychological, you feel you have a group you belong to. It is the first environment that accepts you, understands you, and provides you with all the support to gain your personhood, with trust, confidence.  It is where you form your assertions in life.  It is where you build your emotional sensibilities.

Love is all around-support group
Support group

By political, you will learn to manage the affairs of a group by being a part of it. You will learn to decide wisely and practically.  It is where you will learn the give and take responsibility.

It is where you will develop and exercise humility and power. The family is where power and responsibility, time management is shared.

Love is all around-Family

Second Love, the Extended family

When we are weaned from the family we were born into, we are engrafted to another family called ‘extended family’.

Let’s accept that this is already our second love for the original one is the family where we were born into and developed.

The extended family is the extension of your relationship from the original one.  It is where you will practice or apply what you have developed from your first family.

This time as you continue to develop your personhood you are to teach your children the values you have acquired. While this is your extended family it is the original and first family of your children to be.

Third Love, the Milieu

When we say milieu, it is the “community”, and we are referring to all living things around us. Animals, vegetation can let you feel love as humans do. Plants, both small and big exude oxygen from their leaves that provide us free oxygen for our bodies. Animals show their love by helping us get done with our work.

Love is all around-draft animals

We cannot confine ourselves to the small group of our own family, we have to break out and have social contacts and this is the milieu. The community around us will continue to love us, accept us, form and develop us. 

All our family values can be adapted or we can assimilate values from the community. We learn the ways of loving one another.

So where do we go that we cannot find love? None!

Everywhere we can find love,
we can extend and share the love
That makes the world go round.

4 thoughts on “Love is All Around-I Learned to Love”

  1. Beautiful post! I felt very happy and in awe while reading your article because of how well you wrote it and the specific people you wrote it to. This feels like a really great introduction to your blog and can help people understand what it’ll all be about and what they can expect. 

    • I do feel happy that you agree with what I wrote and my idea, Evelin. I would not detract from my assertion that love is everywhere because it is the ingredient of life. It is from the womb to the tomb. 

      Please do share it if you find it helpful, Evelin.  Thank you very much.

  2. Hi;

    I like your assertion that love is everywhere. For me, I find it is in the state of being, and it is unconditional. What passes for love in today’s society and media is not quite the true definition. Also, I don’t feel that using a lot of words about love really gets to the core of it.

    Actions really do speak louder than words. How we treat ourselves and others is more about love than just saying words to people without any thought. For many, what they think is love is just a strong attachment to another person who they want something from. We must love ourselves first and be comfortable in our own skin in order to truly love others. No one can “define” or “complete” us, as the saying goes.

    Yes, love is all around, but we need to be still inside to have a true experience of it.


    • Thank you, Stella, for your affirmation. I would agree that love is a state of being. Let’s accept the fact that love starts with ourselves but as we mingle and expand our relationship our love will be tested. It is challenged how it could withstand adversities of life. Love must be an ingredient of every relationship, it must enhance relationships, it completes our being.


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