I am Jimmy A. Dolo, a Pastor by vocation and currently working in the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.  Assigned to a mid-size church doesn’t mean you are abundantly supplied with your needs.  In the case where I am, Church Workers receive ten thousand up to twenty-five thousand pesos depending on the area, membership and economic status.

Some of us in a small church assignments are receiving meager income support.  In fact, my wife, a Pastor of the small church is currently receiving four thousand pesos.  The advantage we have is that we don’t have children so we live by ourselves.  

However, basic commodities are so dear and our budget is just exactly for the whole month consumption, medicines, and mobility expenses.

I and my wife both earned post-graduate studies in Master of Divinity after Agriculture and Bachelor of Arts and we chose to work in this profession as our calling.

We are both computer users with a little knowledge of Microsoft Office because it is a must as of these days.  But we never went to a school for computer literacy, neither in the internet technology.  We just know how to use Facebook, have Gmail account and no more.

So, I am completely a newbie when it comes to terminologies and systems in the internet world.  But this is the fact, I have now this website, htpps://ilearnedtolove.com

Why?  Because I learned it online and this is what I am going to share with newbies.  We can start from scratch and learn something that can lead us to an income empire or a business online that will sustain us until and after our retirement.

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Are you earning Thousands a month?  If you do, I too, do earn thousands like you.

Is it enough to sustain you and your family? The answer depends on where you are located in the world.

I live in the Philippines and our monetary currency is peso equivalent to $0.020 at this time of writing.  If I live in the US and I earn a thousand dollars that will be converted to 49,590.80 pesos if I use it in my country.

But the case is this, most of us are earning at an average of 10,000 pesos which is only equivalent to $201.65 a month.  If you are a family of four you will surely fall short of your basic needs.  Whether you like it or not this is a fact in our country where we are.

What if you are physically weak needing a regular consultation with a doctor in order for you to be physically fit to the work?  A meager income is insufficient and you have to look for a greener pasture if ever there is.  The bad thing is that inflation continues yearly and the price of basic commodities rises.


The issue of contractualization of labor


It’s becoming worse because industrial workers, employees, and laborers of private companies are on a contractual basis to which in every six months your contract is constantly reviewed and you are not sure whether you will be retained or laid off or retrenched.

It is difficult to find a job because of so many requirements and qualifications that bar anyone to have a decent job and a decent income for a decent living.

Offline Business Entrepreneurship is something seen as a demand in order to survive but it seems to be difficult for families living below the minimum wage to start and grow such a kind of business.  I have seen many who did it but have failed in many instances.  It is only the rich who are becoming richer and richer and the poor remain just the same.


The Online Entrepreneurship as Alternative


This is the reason why people are now becoming interested in online entrepreneurship because you do all the things. You control your time, your work and nobody pressures you, you are just accountable to yourself.  The success depends on how you put things under your hand.

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If you happen to have questions and clarifications please send your message to the following address: accad@ilearnedtolove.com or ilearnedtolove7@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I read it.


Wishing you all the best in online business.

Jimmy A. Dolo




Lazada Philippines