My parents are farmers, we are born and grew among the farmers and we live as farmers.

Kaingin as we call it is the system of farming that does the slash and burns.  It is a farming method that involves assarting or the cutting and burning of plants in a forest or woodland to create a field called a swidden.


For decades our parents love doing this method for no alternatives in order to survive.  They are illiterate and they depend all their lives on tilling the land.

We, as their children lived with them for more than two decades before totally weaned from their support for subsistence.

We planted sweet potato as our main crop.  Thus, we ate sweet potato (we call it camote) as our primary food in the morning, lunch, and dinner. Most of the times no viand except water, coffee or ginger tea.

Because we are living in a secluded area from the civilization and the agriculture is somewhat backward we don’t know all about product processing.

When I was in High School we moved to a different region and we had some exposures in culture and in technology.

After one more decade living in an advanced community, there were times we were involved in informal education such as pieces of training and seminars.

That was the time I learned to do instant ginger tea.  I took with me this knowledge and shared it with another region where I worked with and this time there are individuals who are making money with the technology they learned.

About-raw ginger  About-ginger powder

This is what I am going to do here on this site, to teach you how to produce an instant ginger tea powder so your table will always be ready with this health-medicinal drink.

Follow me on the other pages and posts and let’s journey together making life healthier and easier.